Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back on the bike

After a long cold winter and just staring at the bike this morning I hit the road. Just did a couple of miles and my legs burned, I was soaked with sweat and the butt hurt. Why did I think this was just going to be a ride in the park?

I have been swimming a mile four times a week, so you think I would be in better shape. But apparently riding a bike uses different muscle’s then swimming and you really never notice that you are sweating when swimming.

But back to the ride, now a 53 year old man seems to have fears that a 10 year old kid does not. Riding down a hill at 15 miles an hour brought a chill to my spine and when I was 10 it was like can’t I go faster. Now I ride with a helmet and when I was 10, I would not have been caught dead in one. However, I think the bug bit me because I am looking forward to my next ride.

I was talking to my brother about my goal of riding the Perkiomen Trail / Schuylkill River Trail from Green Lane to the Art Museum in Philadelphia. It’s a 40 mile one way trip and it’s going to take a while to build up from a couple of mikes today to do trail but it’s a goal and I will do it.

I have wasted too many years being fat and just sitting on the chair dreaming of things to do, but never doing them. No more times are changing I so must I.