Bucket List

  I feel like while losing weight setting goals is very important. I believe that we all should have something we look forward to. I put together my own bucket list. But this is a weight loss bucket list - the things I can't wait to do or be able to do as my size decreases and my health and fitness increases.  This IS a list that will keep being added to...and I'll update when I achieve something on my bucket list too!  

Get off blood pressure medication
Get off the CPAP machine 
Walk into any store and buy clothing
Start dating again - Started again
Walk into a restaurant and not worry about if I will break the chairs or not being able to fit in a booth
Be able to fit in an airplane seat without the extender
Wear an XL shirt and pants in public 
See all 50 states 
Zip line course 
Hot air balloon ride 
Sit comfortable in a movie theater seat 
Have someone fully wrap their arms around me 
Have a BMI that is not “Obese” 
Start biking again
Start hiking again 
Pull myself out of the pool without a ladder 
Walk by someone I know without them recognizing me 
Go scuba diving 

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