Saturday, January 17, 2015

The darkest hour is just before the dawn

There is a beautiful saying amongst the Irish peasantry to inspire hope under adverse circumstances:- "Remember," they say, "that the darkest hour of all. is the hour before day."

Well now the holidays sucked I gained and gained.  When I finally got the courage to get back on the scale I was over 400 lbs.  There goes my plan I had; I was doing well what happened.  Who knows but I came to the realization that I was going the wrong way.  What do I have a death wish?  The vision I had of me laying on the bathroom floor came back to me in flight.  That’s how they were going to find me.

Thursday (January 15) I got back on the scale.  I need to do this I want to live and grow old and do things not just sit in my chair and watch the world go by.  Sometimes it the darkest before the dawn, I hope so because I am in a dark place and need to see the light.

I was always told I needed a gratitude list:

1) I am alive!!!
2) I am sober
3) I have a family that cares
4) I have friends that care
5) I have Mandy
6) As Jim use to say “You have food, a place to sleep clean sheet, you never had it so good” I have all three.
7) I have a great job and good people around me
8) I have money in the bank for retirement
9) My mind still functions
10) Kojack the faithful cat is by my side

So its time.  Lord know its time.  All I have to do is ask God in the morn for a good day and thank him at night and put the next foot in front of me.

Let start it over again!!!

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